Dell Alienware M11x

People have been asking for a netbook or an ultraportable that can play hard core or 3D games. If a small form factor and graphics power is what you want, check out the 11.6″ Alienware M11x from Dell.
Okay, it’s not really a netbook but it’s one of the most gaming-capable notebooks we’ve seen under the 12″ category.
alienware m11x alienware m11x alienware m11x
Inside is a Core 2 Duo processors and a 1GB nVidia 335M graphics card. Plus, it comes with an HDMI, DisplayPort, Firewire, an a 3G SIM slot. The 8-cell Lithium-Polymer battery lasts about 6 hours of casual use but can easily be drained in just 2 hours on full gaming mode.
The price? Just shy of $1,000.
If you want to own this rig for free, Alienware’s microsite is giving one unit every week.


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