Filipino OS: Bayanihan 5

KALIBO, Aklan, Jan 6 (PNA) - Instead of using pirated software, a Filipino Information Technology (IT) expert is recommending the Filipino-designed software, Bayanihan Linux.
Dennis Vilorente, director of the Advanced Science and Technology Institute (ASTI) said IT experts from the Philippines are now aware about the significance of the Bayanihan Linux which can be downloaded for free at
"Many businessmen who are into internet are having problems with downloading pirated software because they could be held legally liable. Others resorted to buying licensed software which are too expensive. We have our own version which is the Bayanihan …
Bayanihan Linux is a complete open source-based desktop solution for office and school use. It is a package that includes an operating system, a word processor, spreadsheet program, presentation software, email facility, an internet browser, and a graphics editor. This complete system is packaged in a single easy-to-install CD. The word "Bayanihan" relates to a Filipino tradition where people in a community help their neighbour in physically moving their house to a different place. The most recent versions of Bayanihan Linux are based on Debian GNU/Linux; previous releases (3.1 and earlier) were based on Fedora Core and Red Hat Linux.


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