COMMITMENT:One Word to Success in Blogging

After several months of blogging you check your Adsense account and find out
that you only earned $ 0.36. Another day comes and you earned $ 0.00, nothing, nada.
Another day comes and you earn $0.01 and on and on it goes like this for almost a
year. Your other money making activities also reflects the same figures. A day doesn’t
go by without you wishing that the “0” might appear after any other figure aside from 0
but sadly every day goes by with the”0” being the 1st digit that appears in your Google
Adsense account and so with the other ad publishers you have applied with.
That’s it! You conclude that what we are presenting here is hype and “making
cash” through blogging is over rated. So you abandon your blog and go to dressing up
your Friendster or Myspace account, play online games and decide to forget about
Well, that comes as no surprise to us. Statistics show that most blogs are
abandoned soon after creation (about 60% to 80% abandoned within one month
according to the Caslon Analytics blogging)
Another study conducted in 2003 by The Perseus on The Blogging Iceberg
reports that 66.0% of surveyed blogs had not been updated in two months,
"representing 2.72 million blogs that have been either permanently or temporarily
abandoned". The study further claims that “the average duration of the remaining 1.63
million abandoned blogs was 126 days, with some 132,000 blogs being abandoned
after a year or more. The oldest abandoned blog surveyed had been maintained for 923
Well there’s only one word that comes to our mind if
you want to succeed in making cash through blogging
whether applying Guerilla strategies and tactics or not. That

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