Oriental Mindoro: Boarding House

I've been living on Victoria two towns from Calapan City were my school is located. My first choice is to be a "uwian" but it is so very hard for me because I can't wake-up early in the morning. So  my parent decided to allow me to get a boarding house.
Morning Breeze Boarding House is the name of my boarding house. It is different from Morning Breeze Lodge but the same owner Mr. Moldez. I already spent five years on this place. It has a canteen, big generator and drinking water supply free for the boarders. The boys and girls area are separated.My monthly cost of staying is P600 for room, P30 for using cellphone,P50 for laptop and P250 for laptop, iron and rice cooker are not allowed they had iron area for your cloths. It is located at Blk. 2,Santa Maria Village, Calapan City.


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