Philippines:Planning To Get A Plan With Latest Smartphone?

For me getting postpaid plan with smartphone is more practical than buying smartphone alone. But it has advantage and disadvantage.Example if you are a loyal Globe subscriber and you don't want to spent your time on    buying prepaid cards or texting favorite load reseller, I recommend you to get the plan. Another good part of having a plan is you can choose among those awesome smartphone that you want, there are BlackBerry, Apple, Nokia, Sony Ericson and Samsung with awesome price also.

The disadvantage is what if you don't want to continue your plan because you had some difficulties on paying your monthly bills?The worst part is even you don't want to pay all of those remaining months bills, you have to. Typically it is one or two years of contract.

 I think you have to consider your monthly income and expenses in your decision. And of course, choose only the smartphone that suite on your work and personality.


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