Philippines:Six Sim Phone Model in the Next Month

Last three years I'm not using more than one phone, first because I have no enough money to buy another phone and last I'm a loyal Smart user.

I remember five years ago my friend has a Nokia 3310 phone that can handle two sim on one phone. He spent P350 for the device that the cellphone technician plugin to his phone. The disadvantage  is you have to dial a number to access the other sim unlike for now  more than two sim can access in real-time.

Cheery Mobile and Torque are the two companies providing tri sim phone now a days. Nokia has a dual sim phone but I don't think if they are trying to compite in making those kind of phone model. A China has quad sim phone model the E5 and B007 Ltd. a Shenzhen Yuelongsheng Technology Co product.  Erwin Technology Ltd. has ZX-N6 a five sim phone model.

For now I'm not wondering if there is a more than 5 sim phone model release on the market in the next three months.


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